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19-04-2016: 10k for 10 cows

Purchasing 10 cows for Ekiwulumo would not only provide milk to supplement the children’s diet but also vital income for the project.

Help fund these 10 cows with a sponsored 10K run! There are 10K events all across the UK that you can join. Here are two London examples for 2016:


The Vitality British 10K London Run

Staged on the world's greatest route through the heart of central London, passingmany of the capital's truly world class historic and iconic landmarks.

When: Sunday 10th July

Where: Piccadilly, London

Find out more:


Richmond RUNFEST’s Kew Gardens

The only time you can ever run in a world heritage site- Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew,

showcasing all it’s wonders before meandering down the longest stretch of the River

Thames owned by one Borough.

When: Sunday 18th September

Where: Kew Gardens, London

Find out more:


There are also loads of websites for searching events near you:


If you would like help in finding an event or have any questions about setting up a fundraising page for sponsorship, please get in touch. You will need to book a place in advance and the more popular routes sell-out fast, so if you are interested in this we would suggest you get moving on it soon.