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Esuubi Newsletter

"The average Ugandan completes ten and a half years of education"

"Average income in Uganda is less than 50p a day"

Namacosi Orphans

"In order to transform communities as a whole you must bring up citizens who are able to put back into those communities"

Building Communities, Changing Lives

Orphans at Ekiwumulo

The average Ugandan completes only ten and a half years of education, mid-way through year 9 in the UK, before beoing forced to leave the classroom for numerous reasons and search for work. Esuubi believes that one method of tackling the resulting poverty is to provide quality education free of charge so that young people in Uganda are not forced to fund their own way through school while supporting their families. However, Uganda´s poverty runs deeper than deprivation from education. Esuubi has been working with the Ugandan communities in which we work to find out how we can work together to transform their society into a sustainable place to live.

It has come to light that one of the main issues lying at the heart of Ugandan poverty is tied up with Ugandan school leavers, even those who do make it to the end of secondary education. What is becoming increasingly evident is that despite achieving a full education, young people in Uganda are still often unemployable and unable to find work. The average income in Uganda is less than 50p a day; nowhere near enough to support a family. We believe that in order to transform communities as a whole you must bring up citizens who are able to put back into those communities, and change this situation of unemployment that has become the norm. For this reason over the coming year Esuubi will be working with the local people in Mityana to develop vocational training, work experience placements, volunteer schemes and apprenticeships, both for school leavers and secondary school students. By working with individuals at grass roots levels we hope to transform both the life chances of these individuals and those around them.

The Present Day

Ugandan Orphans

Ekwiumulo School has now been open for two terms and has just moved into the main school area which is now completed! The school has been very successful and is already beginning to see grades comparable, and in some cases even better, than other primary schools in the local area. This term has also seen the purchase of a vehicle in order to transport basic necessities purchased in town, as well as making access to healthcare for the children more immediate.

An Orphan

At Namakosi we are currently constructing a new nursery area for the younger children at school and further dormitories to provide for the growing numbers of students we are supporting. It has been great to see the impact your donations are making in the everyday lives of these children.

At secondary level we are currently waiting with eager anticipation the results from the final school examinations. Over the coming year we look forward to working with these young people in finding further education and employment in order that they may one day give back to their communities that raised them.

What´s happening in the UK?

Esuubi´s New Look

Esuubi Poster

Regular readers might have noticed that the look and feel of this month´s newsletter has completely changed. Don´t worry, you´ve not received a newsletter from the wrong charity, we have just got a brand new look.

The last few years have seen a massive expansion in the work of Esuubi, but we are keen that this should only be the beginning. We have therefore updated our look to reflect this. The new branding has been designed to give a consistent but flexible look and feel to every element of Esuubi, allowing for future growth and direction.

Esuubi Website

So if you´ve visited the website over the last few months, you’ll have noticed that has received a new look and the content´s been updated with up to the minute photos and news. As you´ll see from the fliers included with this newsletter, all our publicity materials have been revamped. And obviously the newsletter itself has a new look.

We hope you like the new look and feel it reflects our work. We are keen for as many people as possible to be involved in spreading the word about Esuubi, so we have included some of the new leaflets for you to share with your friends. If we can provide you with anything else to help you spread the word please get in touch.

Esuubi Orphans

Get Hopping

Hop 4 Hope

New this Easter, Esuubi will be running two events aimed specifically at schools and young people.

Hop 4 Hope is designed for primary school children and HipHop 4 Hope is aimed at secondary school age. Both include targeted education packs to help encourage discussion about issues surrounding poverty and global citizenship.

If you´re involved in a school, youth group or club that could get involved then why not check out the websites ( and

HipHop 4 Hope

Christmas is Coming

Esuubi Gifts

Christmas is nearly upon us, so we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has bought gifts from Esuubi, has shopped via our Amazon portal or has bought a 2010 calendar (if you haven’t yet bought yours it’s not too late!)

Please don´t forget that you can use these throughout the year, so if you´re ever shopping on Amazon or stuck for a birthday present, please do think of us.


For more details on all the different ways you can suport us visit the giving section of the website. And if there´s something you want that we don´t offer then let us know and we can look into it for you.